Dance Lessons New York

Whether you are a beginner who tries to dance more like Miley Cyrus, an intermediate or an advanced dancer who can move like Fred Astaire, finding a place to get dance lessons that can improve your flexibility and talent can be a daunting and tedious venture. Instructors are the core of a good instructional experience. If you are just getting started you should take your time and find out what dance studios that have dance lessons in New York that can best meet your needs.

Dancing is fun, artistic, challenging and a great way to get exercise. Dance lessons can be expensive, but the benefits far out weigh the cost.

For many people learning  how to dance  brings fun and excitement.  The reward for an advanced dancer is to be able to dance on Broadway or to fulfill themselves artistically. The reward for the beginner is to get in shape and learn how to dance. Dancing becomes a integral and passionate part of life. The competition is fierce and rewarding for some and fun for others while replacing the drudgery of exercise. Getting out on the floor and feeling the music does wonders for your adrenaline,heart and soul.

Dance Lessons

Since instructors are such an integral part of learning, especially in dance, there are some basic things to watch out for in a teacher. First, they should have a good dancing backround and have proper qualifications. Second, your instructor should know your limitations. Everyone is physically different and learn at a different pace, but to teach and motivate everyone to be competitive with each other is a natural talent. The demands of a beginner vs the demands of an experienced dancer are not the same, a good instructor will be able to identify,respect and motivate both.

A Personal Experience

Having a family member in a ballet class, I was a little dismayed by the cost of everything. The monthly dues were one thing, but when all the extras where thrown at me, I was a little shell shocked. Of course everything costs money and I can accept that. Everything from dance shoes to the uniforms were getting my wallet. If I were to sign up for classes again, the first step would be to find out all of the extra costs incurred throughout the year first, then at least I would know what to expect.  Whether you are looking for a child or want to learn how to dance yourself, the same precautions would take place. Extra caution should be taken if you are a beginner. Our Family member may not make it to Broadway, a small chance exists that their dreams will get them there with the proper dance instruction.

I have watched children on the dance floor learning how to dance, I found out very fast that the dance instructor was not identifying each students strengths and weaknesses, therefore it seems that everyone suffered and the money that the parents spent was more or less getting wasted.

Motivating students is an art form and part of that motivation has to come from within. Adults and kids need guidance and discipline and a good instructor will teach dance lessons in a manner that benefits everyone.

There are many adults that say “I want to dance on Broadway”. That’s how dreams begin, and yet others are happy to learn the most popular dance moves. There are many different types of dancing and each one as a certain flavor. If you think you have talent and you want to expoundand challenge yourself, then of course you may want to try hip hop, swing or ballroom dancing.

If in fact you find that swinging your hips and kicking up your heels when dancing in a social setting is rewarding and fun, then a dance lesson will pay dividends for years, especially when becoming front and center during a wedding dance.

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