The Importance of Dance Auditions

What comes to your mind when you think about dance auditions? At real auditions, dancers may not be singing out loud, “I need this job,” but that thought is often in their minds. The task of making it past the first “cut” and getting a callback is not an easy one. Truth is, dancers put themselves (and their talent) on the line every day, deliver everything that asked of them, and still smile when they’re rejected.

So, why do we do it? It’s actually quite simple. A dancer might answer that question with, “why do you breathe?” For many, dance is our life. We will do everything and anything to be successful at it. If it takes 100 dance auditions before we land a job, then we will audition 100 times. For some of us, it isn’t merely a choice. It’s an essential part of our being.

Dance Auditions

The Importance of Dance Auditions

Auditioning is a must for dancers, and no one can succeed in the industry without auditioning. It’s basic to the profession. Looking at dance auditions as opportunities for not only securing dance employment, but also for securing experience, is a very healthy attitude. New dancers, who may believe they are too inexperienced for a particular job, should still try out for it. They may be surprised and actually book the job. Another reason is they will learn what to expect, and gain a sense for what they need to work on.

A third reason for attending as many dance auditions as possible is putting your face out there and making new connections. You may not be right for the job at hand, but you may be right for the job that the casting director, choreographer, or producer is involved with six months from now. Make that impression. It can pay off later.

Dance Auditions As Training

Many dancers know the importance of taking dance classes. Why not look at auditions as part of your education, too? Auditions are a chance to shine, but they are also an opportunity to grow and expand as a dancer. You can learn something new from every audition you attend. Auditions give you opportunities to attempt styles you’ve never experienced before.

Dance auditions also allow you to dance beside veterans who know the biz like the back of their hands. You can see their strengths and weaknesses and apply this to your learning capacity. That girl over there has the most brilliant way of connecting to the music. Well, what is she doing differently than you? Why not imitate her musicality until your own kicks in?

Attending auditions with a positive attitude, will not only help you have better experiences, but will also allow you to take something new away from every audition you attend.

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